Content Owners

You want more people coming to your website to engage, become informed, and convert. Sitecore customers accomplish these goals faster and better due to our best in the industry editing tools.


Enable multiple languages

This article explains how to add additional languages to the Sitecore content repository.


Information Architecture

A description on why the Launch Sitecore information architecture is the way it is.


What is Presentation?

With a better understanding of content, presentation is much easier to explain. It is simply taking the content and showing in a meaningful way. It doesn't add to the content, but instead simply presents it.


Tag Content for Each Profile

By assigning content profile values to items that make up your site you are able to gain a better understanding of the behavior, actions, and interests of your website visitors. The values you assign to each page accumulate as a visitor navigates through the site. This allows you to build a profile for an individual site visitor, which can then be used along with other DMS tools such as campaigns, personalization, and engagement plans.


Building a large, multi-national, multilingual site

Sitecore makes handling multilingual content easier than ever. There are actually a few approaches for dealing with multilingual sites, depending on the complexity of the use case. We'll look at potential language approaches; from simple translation, all the way up to large, multilingual, multi-regional sites.



An introduction to the Sitecore workflow engine. This article walks through the Sample Workflow that ships with Sitecore.